Cleanse Your Toxic Thoughts for Greater Health and Happiness

July 3, 2015
Your thoughts affect your body. It is well documented that negative thoughts cause stress, anxiety and contracted muscles in the body, and interfere with healthy digestion, elimination and replenishment. Over time, these dis-eases can accrue and become difficult to separate from mysterious symptoms and actual diagnosed ailments.
While you might not be able to do something about your actual ill-health, you can stop your negative thinking patterns.  We can remove our stress and anxiety from the disease equation. This might stop the problem all together, or it might give more clarity to what’s actually happening. Either way, we’re much better off than if we continue to increase our difficulty by adding our stress response to the puzzle.
In this one-hour free presentation, you’ll learn to bring your awareness into your body, identify a felt-sense for “extra” thoughts and then how to interrupt the thoughts through repeated practice.
Join Nancy Shanteau at Core Movement Center on Sunday, July 5 at 11 am.
Call 530-273-5170 for more information. No registration required, just show up and learn to cleanse your thoughts!
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Nia New Year’s Day Class just for You!

December 27, 2014

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January 1, 2015  8:30-10am   

$15 Drop In or use your class card

In my recent Nia classes, we’ve been leading up to this day! I’ve been talking about Setting Intentions Based on Desire. Desires are what we want; what we yearn for. They are rooted in the emotional realm. Intentions are the actions we take based on those desires to bring them into the physical realm. Using this strategy is more of an INside-out approach than the traditional way we make New Year’s resolutions, which are created from the OUTside-in.

For example, we recently looked at the example of the New Year’s resolution to “Drink More Water.” I asked my students, “Why?” They answered with “To Be Healthier.” Again, I asked, “Why?” They responded, “To Feel Better.” One more time, I asked, “Why?” and we discovered the real answer: “To Be Happy.” Aha! There’s a spark of energy, an excitement that comes alive when we get to the root of Why,” which is the True Desire. From there, the Intention is revealed.

Beginning with the emotional realm, we add the physical realm, combined with receiving images through the mental realm to personalize the creation via the spirit realm. This invokes the manifestation, which is completely unique to you. So, “Drink More Water to Be Happy” is deconstructed as Desire: To Be Happy + Intention: Drink More Water = Manifestation To Feel Better.

Through this technique, we will explore crafting 2015 from the INside-out: Desire + Intention + Imagination = Manifestation.

Bring your True Desires into our supportive space in community and explore your intentions to bring them into being in 2015.