Class Descriptions

The Nia Technique

Nia is an instructor-led move­ment class done bare­foot to music that com­bines dance, mar­tial and heal­ing arts and deliv­ers car­dio­vas­cu­lar and whole body con­di­tion­ing. Nia is easy to fol­low and leaves you feel­ing phys­i­cally ener­gized and emo­tion­ally vibrant. Nia is taught in 3 lev­els mak­ing it acces­si­ble to peo­ple of all ages and fit­ness lev­els.  All Levels

Gentle Bliss

You will enjoy mindful repetition synchronized with the breath thus this practice resembles a moving meditation. We slowly move into and out of poses, mostly reclining on the floor often with closed eyes. Then we relax and release into a passive position allowing gravity to gentle assist in unraveling and releasing habitual holding patterns. The body’s natural ability to heal only occurs in a completely restful state, therefore, periodically throughout the class there is a focused “letting go.”

Authentic Movement for Deep Healing

An integration of guided dance, improvisational movement, reflection and creativity.  We will explore different themes, each providing an opportunity to build self awareness and deepen personal transformation.  The class is designed for all bodies, those experiencing limitations and physical challenges.  It will be safe and nurturing and healing.


Kettlebells are a great alternative to weights. Their design promotes strengthening but utilizes several muscle groups simultaneously which is an effective and functional approach to exercise. The class is aerobic as much as strengthening. Your core will get a huge workout as well as every other part of you!